As a political consultant and campaign manager, “why do you want to run for office?” is the first question that I ask new clients.

Usually, I hear a canned answer. For example, “I gotta start somewhere to be president one day”, that’s one of my favorites.

So I have to ask again: “Why are you running for office?”

The most honest answer I’ve heard has been: “I don’t know”, and that’s ok.

There are no perfect answers to that question.

Whatever your reason, people are going to ask you daily.

When you have the right answer, it should be personal to you.

Also, it’s a family decision.

If you decide to run for office, you should consider the sacrifices that have to be made: missed time with family and friends, less sleep, frustration and stress.

Also, your response must be strong enough to pitch to fundraising calls, events, community meetings, supporters, volunteers etc.

If you decide to run, seek out help in your communication. Elected officials, community leaders and people who work on campaigns can help you prepare for this journey.

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