I'm Keisha Carter Brown, your political and fundraising consultant, with the 10 commandments of campaigning:

  1. Know thyself. You must have a 30-second pitch about the knowledge, skills, values and experiences that make you uniquely qualified for this job.
  2. Know thy district. You must be familiar with the jurisdiction you want to serve in: its geographic boundaries, voters' political preferences and demographics, plus community leaders and media.
  3. Build a coalition of the willing. You must assemble a campaign team: staff (campaign manager, treasurer, fundraising director, communications), volunteers (friends, family and community leaders) and donors.
  4. Peak at the right time. Be prepared and plan out what you need to win, and when. Spend your money with the right messaging to ensure maximum impact.
  5. Have the gold to run a campaign. Closed mouths don't get fed. Make sure you have a fundraising plan of why people should not only vote for you, but donate to you to increase your chances of success.
  6. Know your opponent, don’t be your opponent. Do your research on your competition to develop a winning campaign strategy. Check your bio and follow your opponent for mistakes or exaggerations. Make sure you are setting the agenda and issues, not your opponent.
  7. Be in public to be a public servant. You must be comfortable talking to people and being on social media (Facebook, Twitter, digital ads, LinkedIn, etc.) to engage voters and ask for their support.
  8. Fundraise until you reach your goal. It's your job to raise the money. Successfully raising money shows your commitment and drive to your candidacy.
  9. Have your family on board. Your family must be aware and supportive of the resources (time, money and commitments) required to win an election.
  10. Know your timeline and budget. You must develop three budgets that will help you win your election: a Pinto, Honda and Cadillac plan. Also, you should have a daily plan (work, fundraising, phone calls, events, family time, etc.) of what you need to accomplish daily.
Contact me, Keisha Carter Brown, to help you with your campaign, at keisha@keishacarter.com.