I’m Keisha Carter Brown with my top 3 tips for fundraising.

Fundraising is gathering financial resources for a candidate, campaign or cause.

My top 3 tips for fundraising is:

First, be creative with how you raise money. There are many ways to raise money: such as online crowdsourcing, auctions, events and parties. Make sure your method is unique and stands out from the competition. For example, one of the most successful fundraisers I've heard of occurs in Seattle; when a group of women business leaders gathered together for a "Women's Leadership Breakfast". They pay $500 each to have breakfast with the homeless cliente their donation serves. The meal costs $2 maximum, the return-on-investment to the non-profit is 50,000% surplus.

Second, building relationships is the key to raising money. Getting to know your donors are important in figuring out how much to ask for, what issues they care about, and how to connect with them. When a genuine relationship is built, it is easier to have a conversation about money.

Third, know your environment and every day is a new challenge. For example, you should anticipate that you may lose up to 30% of your donors each year. Donors have multiple obligations and your cause might decrease in relevancy. So you constantly have to be looking for new donors. As the saying goes, the struggle is real.

Contact me, Keisha Carter Brown, to help you with your fundraising goals, at keisha@keishacarter.com.